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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Food-day Tuesday

Yep, it's back, my weekly foodie feature. If you haven't guessed, I started back to Slimming World last night. Want to see why...

This is me, Christmas Eve 2013. I can't stand up for long and you'd think I'd ran a mile when I walk up stairs. I have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which gives me a similar pain to gallstones, and is only treated by loosing weight. If I don't loose weight and develop diabetes I'll end up with cirrhosis of the liver. Which for some one who doesn't drink often, is pretty awful!

So it was my first weigh in last night, and what I saw on the scales was expected, but not pleasant to see. It's the largest number I'd seen for my weight, that's 22 stone 6 lbs (314lbs for my American readers and 142.43KG for my metric readers)! I'm a size 30 -32 (UK) in tops, and haven't done my measurements yet. But at 5'3" that's a BMI of 55.6! How am I still alive?

Now, that's all behind me. I'm moving forward and WILL NOT see that number on the scales again! The first goal is something which starts with a 1, so 19 stones 13lbs (279lbs, 126.55KG). My menu has been drawn up for the week, shopping list made, and trip to Tesco sill commence in 10 minutes.

Tonight is Diet Coke Chicken, spicy potato wedges with carrots & broccoli. I love this YouTube video on how to make diet coke chicken... So enjoy!


  1. Helen, as someone who has battled with my weight since my late teens, I take my hat off to you for being brave & posting the numbers. I wish you every success on your quest. You CAN do it. Sending lots of love, encouragement and willpower xxx

  2. Good luck Helen. Will you be posting regularly? Would like to follow your progress

    1. Thanks Sally. My group night is Monday, so I will post my progress with the highs & lows of the week and my favourite recipe of the week every Tuesday.

    2. the very best of luck in your quest, Helen - I admire you so much for giving it a go..! well done you...


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